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Game of Thrones Newborn Photoshoot: A Fantasy Come to Life with Littlebums Photography

Are you a Game of Thrones fan looking to capture your newborn in a unique and enchanting way? At Littlebums Photography, I recently created a magical Game of Thrones-themed photoshoot, and it was an incredible experience!

The Process

Creating the perfect Game of Thrones setup was both challenging and rewarding. Finding props wasn’t easy, so I sourced dragon eggs, a small dragon, and house banners online.

The Chair

The highlight was crafting the iconic Iron Throne from scratch, ensuring it was safe and perfect for our tiny model.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was making the throne. It took time and creativity to design it to be both realistic and safe for a newborn. Gathering all the props and setting up the perfect scene required patience and attention to detail.

I cut out the sword shapes from the black cardboard. Covered a baby chair with black material and taped the sword shapes onto it. The final look was amazing and I was excited for the parents to see the overall look.

The Joy

The final piece came together beautifully. Seeing the little one nestled on the throne, surrounded by dragon eggs and house banners, was pure joy. The photos turned out to be magical, capturing the essence of Game of Thrones in a way that parents will cherish forever.

Why Choose Littlebums Photography?

At Littlebums Photography, I love bringing creative ideas to life. I am dedicated to making every photoshoot special, safe, and memorable. Whether it’s a Game of Thrones theme or any other fantasy, I ensure a unique and enjoyable experience for you and your baby.

Book your themed newborn photoshoot with Littlebums Photography today and let me create enchanting memories for your family.

Visit my website to see our stunning Game of Thrones gallery and learn more about my services.

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