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Harry Potter Themed Newborn Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Did someone say, Harry Potter??

When Baby Yash's mom contacted me to do a Harry Potter-themed newborn photoshoot, I was overjoyed. Because I am die hard Harry Potter Fan, I have read books and watched the movies a million times until I know all the character lines by hard. When I first started doing Newborn Photoshoots, Harry Potter setups were one of the first few props I bought.

However, I never got to use the props as not many parents requested Harry potter as a theme. So imagine my joy when I had the first request.

Clients who become Friends

Mommy Sakunthala is not a new face, about 5 years ago she engaged in a cake smash photoshoot session with me for her 2 little girls Saashana and Puvisha who were both 2 and 1 year old respectively then. We had a pink-themed cake smash set up for the adorable kids to have some fun during their photoshoot. A couple more years later she engaged me again for her 5th baby girl's baby shower ceremony. So I jumped right for her 6th baby boy's newborn photoshoot session when she contacted me again. I love working with returning clients and watching their kids and family grow.

Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry

Baby Yash

Baby Yash was a True Gryffindor, he was so brave and chilled throughout the shoot, and his eyes were wide open, and exploring the photoshoot environment. I must say he liked being a Gryffindor baby.

Harry Potter Themed Newborn Photoshoot Set Up

I used a brown wooden backdrop for the back and floor to give a rustic ancient feel. I used a wooden bucket for the baby to lie in it, referencing the moment when Professor Dumbledore placed a wrapped baby Harry Potter baby in the first movie.

A Gryffindor shawl around the bucket to enhance the mood connecting to Gryffindor added Harry Potter books to the side of the bucket. Wrapped Baby Yash in a maroon-colored wrap with tiny glass to look like little Harry Potter, an Elder wand, and little Hedwig for baby Yash to hold. I even superimposed a scar during post-edit to top it all up. This whole setup and photoshoot session has been so close to my heart and a dream for me.


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