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10 Tips on How to Book a Newborn Photoshoot Session!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

safari theme home-based newborn photoshoot, female newborn photographer
Safari theme newborn photoshoot

When a new baby is born it brings an abundance of joy and happiness to a family. Capturing these precious stages may be a dream for most new parents. Newborns are best photographed in the first 2 weeks of their birth. Those tiny feet, lips, and fingers, precious memories, capture your child's first moments in the camera before they grow up.

You can also book a newborn photoshoot for a slightly older baby, some parents would prefer the photoshoot to be done at 1-4 months when the baby is more awake rather than sleeping in the shot. However, it can also be tiring planning and preparing for the photoshoot in between all the feeding, diaper changes, and sleepless nights. Here are some tips to follow.

1. Book Ahead

Book your photoshoot at least 2 months ahead of your estimated delivery date (EDD), with us. We usually block out a slot for you about 2 weeks before and after your due date. This ensures you already have a slot with us when giving birth closer to your due date. Booking ahead also allows us to plan our schedule earlier and prepare the necessary props needed on time.

2. Choose Your Package and Theme

Decide which package you wish to go for. We provide various packages such as standard or theme packages for newborns alone, or packages with family and siblings shoots. This gives ample time to prepare the necessary props needed for packages with the theme and allocate enough time for your shoot. For example, newborn photoshoots with older siblings can be time-consuming to coordinate your little ones, therefore we may need to allocate 3-4hour for the shoot.

3. Confirm the Slot as soon as possible

Confirm the date and time with us as soon as the baby is born. Slots can be booked from 5 days after the baby is born or later depending on your need. Inform us of your concerns, some babies may have jaundice or may be smaller in size and naturally, some parents have concerns. Informing us early gives us time to arrange a comfortable setup or book a slot at the most convenient period for you and your baby.

4. Choose the Shoot Location

Decide where you want to hold the photoshoot, our newborn shoots are done at our home studio. However, some parents prefer the shoot to be done in the comfort of their home. We do provide home services in your home, confirm ahead with us with your preference, so we can prepare the right equipment to bring over. Eg. how much space is required if we come over to your place, and what colours and themes do you want for us to pack? *Additional charges for transportation and manpower applies

5. Be On Time

Arrive on time for the shoot or possibly arrive earlier. This gives some time for the baby to settle into the environment before the shoot starts.

6. Feed Baby Just Before Shoot

Babies are calmer when they are well fed. Arrive 30 mins before the shoot time and feed baby at our home. Well-fed babies tend to sleep through and remain calmer during the shoot.

7. Change to Fresh Diapers

Babies also get uneasy and unsettled if their diapers are wet or soiled. Bring extra diapers to change out, to ensure the baby is calm throughout the shoot.

8. Be Prepared for the unpredictable

Always be prepared when it comes to babies everything is unpredictable. Pack an extra set of clothes, extra diapers, washcloth, and extra milk in a bottle ready to feed in case the baby gets hungry in between the shoot or even a pacifier if your baby needs to sooth themselves.

9. Be ready to comfort your baby

With all that said some babies remain unsettled for other various reasons like lack of sleep, when they are in pain, uncomfortable with the way they are being held or positioned, and the room temperature. For example, some babies don't like to be bundled, if that is the case we do change the concept and style of the shot. We go with what comforts your baby. Rest assured we ensure the environment and the setup is safe and comfortable for your baby and you.

10. Enjoy the photoshoot

Whatever the outcome is, enjoy the session as your little one will not remain little for very long. They grow up fast. These precious pictures you are taking and the memory you are creating now will be very dear to you for a very long time. Enjoy every moment with your little bundle of joy.

This article serves as a guide for parents but every child is different we always follow parents cue and check with parents before proceeding with any task. Parents knows best!

Looking to get a newborn photoshoot done for your bundle of joy, contact us to check out more information.

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