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Superbaby: A Wonder Women-Inspired Newborn Photoshoot Experience

We're calling all superhero lovers and new moms! Now you can have a Wonder Woman inspired photoshoot for your precious little one.Woman inspired The perfect photoshoot for your precious child.

What to Expect During a Newborn Photoshoot?

When you book a newborn photoshoot with us, you can expect a fun and relaxed experience. We will work with you to capture beautiful, natural photos of your new baby. We will also guide how to best prepare for your session.

To ensure that your photoshoot goes smoothly, we recommend that you:

  • feed your baby before the session so they are content and sleepy;

  • bring along any props or accessories that you would like to use, but we do provide the necessary props in our package

  • have someone else accompany you to the shoot, so they can help with holding or feeding your baby as needed.

Types of Props and Costumes provided for the Photoshoot

Many types of props and costumes can be used for a Wonder Woman-inspired newborn photoshoot. Some iconic props of Wonder Woman, include a Wonder Woman outfit, socks, cape, headband, waistband, lasso, and shield. For babies who are not able to fit into the outfit perfectly, we also do colors and thematic wraps to create the Wonder Woman look.

When deciding on what type of props and costumes to use for your shoot, consider the style of the photos you want to achieve. Do you want cute and playful photos or more serious and heroic shots? No matter what style you’re going for, with the right props and costumes, your Wonder Woman-inspired newborn photoshoot will be amazing!

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