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Capturing Baby Aryaan's 1-Year Old Milestone & Cakesmash, Magic in a Lion King Themed Photography

Updated: Jun 7

lion king themed cakesmash photoshoot photography, a baby smashing the came, 1 year old milestone photoshoot

Cakesmash photography is a popular trend among parents who want to celebrate their baby's first birthday in a fun and memorable way. The idea is simple - let your baby smash a cake and capture the adorable moment on camera. But what if you could take it a step further and incorporate a beloved Disney classic into the mix?

lion king themed cakesmash photoshoot photography, a baby smashing the came, 1 year old milestone photoshoot

The Lion King is a timeless tale of family, courage, and the circle of life. It's a story that many of us grew up with and still love to this day. At Kalzstudioz, we specialize in customizing and creating any theme that you like. Whether it is characters from your favorite cartoon, movie, book, toy, or food, we can create it for you.

lion king themed baby photoshoot photography, baby giggles and laughter photoshoot, 1 year old milestone photoshoot

For our recent Lion King theme, we created an orange sunrise background, with a silhouette of King Mufasa on the rocks, standees of Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, and lots of green balloons to create a green jungle effect.

On the day of the shoot, we take casual shots of your baby with the prop set up to capture all the giggles and laughter. You can bring various outfits to take pictures. After that, we will proceed to do the cakesmash photoshoot.

Ensure that the cake matches the theme. This could be a cake with a lion's face on it or one that's decorated with jungle foliage and animal prints or just a simple colored cake that matches the colour theme. Remember to get a buttercream cake that is easier for the baby to smash.

As your baby digs into the cake, we will capture every messy moment on camera. The photos will be a mix of posed shots and candid moments and will showcase your baby's unique personality and expressions.

Once the photoshoot is over, you'll have a collection of stunning images that capture the joy and excitement of your baby's first birthday. These photos will be cherished memory for years to come and will be a reminder of the love and laughter that filled the room on that special day.

In conclusion, Lion King theme cakesmash photography is a fun and creative way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. It's a perfect way to bring your favorite childhood movie to life and create unforgettable memories with your little one. Click here to see the full lion king theme cake smash album

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