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Creative Ways to Capture Special Moments in Your Baby’s Life

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Maternity Photography

maternity photoshoot, pregnant mom photography, mom to be in a red dress

Moms-to-be, don't forget to document your beautiful baby bump! Engage a professional photographer to capture some amazing shots of you and your partner while expecting. If you have older children get them in the fun of capturing a family Maternity photoshoot. When you await the arrival of the new addition to your family, celebrate the precious moments together. At Kalzstudioz we offer both studio and outdoor photography packages that suit your needs. Choose the theme and location you like and let us capture this memory for you

Newborn Photography

Book a newborn photoshoot to capture some priceless moments of your little one in their first few days or weeks of life. Engage a photographer who is capable and experienced in handling babies in a safe way. Look at the various props, and outfits they have that will be suitable for your little one, you can also incorporate your favorite themes into the photoshoot session. At Kalzstudios we have a variety of thematic props, outfits, and backdrops to choose from. We can also customize newborn photography themes, props, and setups.

Milestone Photography

Celebrate all of your baby's big milestones with creative photos! Document your baby at every stage of their life. You'll cherish these photos forever. We offer various packages from newborn to cakesmash to capture your baby's milestone growth. Our Junior package is suitable for babies 2-5 month old, and our Sitter package is suitable for babies 6-10 month old. These packages capture their turnover, crawling moments, laughs, and giggles.

Cakesmash Photography

A key milestone most parents should consider is the 1-year-old birthday photoshoot. A cake smash photoshoot has been trending in Singapore for a long time, it's both fun and an ideal way to celebrate your baby's 1-year birthday. However cakesmash may not be suitable for every baby, and some parents may not be keen on the idea of a cakesmash, you can opt for a regular thematic photoshoot instead. Click here to read out cakesmash blog post to know more about our cakesmash service and our you can be prepared if you choose to do a cakesmash photoshoot

Family Photoshoot

Family photos are always special, but even more special when you have a newborn baby in the family! Capture the love and joy of your growing family with a professional family photo session. You can do a combined family photoshoot session with a newborn, cakesmash, or any of our milestone packages.

Candid Moments

In addition to engaging professional photographers for professional shots, be sure to also capture all of the fun candid moments that make your baby so special. These are the memories you'll cherish for a lifetime, from belly laughs to sleepy cuddles.

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